Why would we put this information behind a passcode you might ask yourself. Well, I don’t know! But if you know, then you know!


Take yourself and your community to the next level with WERZ.

Create your unique space, invite members and bring them into your world. Design it as you want on top of features we have pre-built for you to grow and engage with your community.

No more Facebook, META, or whatever the fuck they call themselves. No more granddad's new toolbox in your feed next to the underground party you almost missed. Clean and direct interaction with your community without distractions.


Leverage the network effect of existing in a curated universe of lifestyle communities. Create a place that feels like your digital home and not a generic boring platform. No useless scrolling, the goal is to create value and meaningful connections.

Library of Modules

We give you the building blocks you need to bring your community together through modules. What is a module? A module is a block of pre-built features that you can design as you want.
Private Event
A presentation of invite-only events
ID Card
Digital membership card
Sell merch, tickets and other products
Event List
A list of films participating in a film festival
Map of a festival area

WERZ editor

Our web to app real-time editor is the first of its kind. Design your community using our drag and drop, no code, galore editor. Select whatever pre-built modules you need, whether you are planning a private event, a festival, or a digital gathering. Customize every detail, making it yours down to the core.

Why is this important?

  • Explore the power of endless design options.

  • Create a world that fits your style and storyline.


Never miss a thing, ever again. Use the dashboard to manage your community, track analytics, gain insights, and a financial overview of your community.

Why dashboard?

  • Grow your community and turn it into a sustainable and thriving brand.

  • Manage daily workflows and collaborate with your team.

  • Plan, structure and strategies your future within one place.

  • Get a real-time unfiltered overview of your members’ activities.

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